What We Do In The Shadows: How Guillermo’s Choice Sets Up Season 3

What We Do in the Shadows season 2 culminated in an important choice for Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) that creates quite a bit of potential for season 3 of FX’s hit vampire comedy.

It’s not always easy to mix together the horror and comedy genres, but What We Do in the Shadows is one of the more effective examples of how to do it right. The spin-off series from Taika Waititi’s critically acclaimed 2014 film of the same name explores the culture shock that a group of vampires experience during their attempts to acclimate to everyday life in Staten Island. A fantastic cast of characters and a unique sensibility towards traditional horror staples really helps What We Do in the Shadows connect with its audience.

The second season of What We Do in the Shadows shows all of the vampires grow in significant ways, but the character to experience the biggest arc is definitely Guillermo. Throughout season 2, Guillermo grapples with the knowledge that he comes from a long line of vampire slayers and that it’s in his blood to take out the very creatures that he longs to become. Season 2 wages a tug of war with these two sensibilities within Guillermo, but by the time the season finale, «Théâtre des Vampires», arrives, it appears that Guillermo has reached some sort of decision.

What We Do In The Shadows: How Guillermo’s Choice Sets Up Season 3

The first half of season 2 sees Guillermo really leaning towards his vampire slayer instincts. He hangs around others of his kind and repeatedly takes out more vampires, whether he’s trying to or not. However, the second half of season 2 sees Guillermo start to be appreciated more within the household, and Nandor even gives him a day off each week. Despite the new respect that he gains, Guillermo sees enough evidence of others in familiar-like positions who have been strung along and never given what they deserve. This prompts Guillermo to finally leave the vampires, move in with his mother, and embrace his roots without any disruptions.

When the vampires are about to face execution and pay for their sins, it’s ultimately Guillermo that shows up to their rescue. Guillermo chooses to help these vampires in the end, but in order to do so, he has to kill a lot of other vampires and expose himself as a vampire slayer to his friends. The group arguably goes through their greatest bonding experience ever, but now they have to find a way to accept Guillermo as someone who’s meant to kill their kind. His giant secret is now out in the open.

Up until this point, the vampires begin to empathize with Guillermo and realize his worth, but this revelation could change all of that. It’s possible that Guillermo could continue to live at his mother’s while everyone works on their new dynamic. It’s unlikely the group will be at odds, but they may begin to genuinely fear Guillermo on some level now that they’ve seen what he can do. This would be a nice evolution of their relationship in the series. It’s also possible that the vampires could turn into pariahs within the vampire community since they’re now known companions of a vampire slayer. What We Do in the Shadows will be sure to find some creative twist on this complex relationship in season 3.